An adventure unlike any other

Explore the Lewis Clark Valley

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Explore the Lewis-Clark Valley with a bird's eye view, as you drift effortlessly with the breeze, up to 2000ft in the sky.

Enjoy some complimentary breakfast pastries as the pilot and crew prepare the balloon for flight. After a thorough preflight briefing, it's time to board. As the balloon takes off, you'll be surprised at just how gentle the experience is. You will barely realize you have left the ground, if not for the breathtaking panoramic views. After approximately an hour in the air, it is time to land. No flight is the same, making this a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Our balloon tours are flown at sunrise when air conditions are generally clear, calm, cool, and stable.

After the completion of the flight, passengers are treated to a special champagne toast! (non-alcohol beverages available)

The best way to end the best adventure!

Where dreams take flight